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Cuttwood X Cali Bars Disposable Vape

Cuttwood X Cali Bars Disposable Vape
Cuttwood X Cali Bars Disposable Vape
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The Cuttwood x Cali Bar Disposable vape devices are available in a range of flavor options, basically all the amazing flavors that we have grown to love from one of the vape juice legends; Cuttwood but the disposable vape bars from one of the biggest disposable vape brands out today; Cali Bars!!!

The device provides 300 puffs & 5% Nicotine Levels.

Cuttwood x Cali Bars Bird Brains Ice: All of your favorite fruity breakfast cereals straight from the box. Bird Brains is smooth, sweet and ultimately satisfying. This e-juice is fun, fruity and Iced and makes for the perfect all day disposable vape. 

Cuttwood x Cali Bars Boss Reserve Ice: Floral honey, Iced golden graham cracker, sweet cream, candied nuts, and a fresh banana aftertaste. Smooth, rich, and flavorful and cool dis-bar.

Cuttwood x Cali Bars Mega Melons Ice: Australian rockmelon cantaloupes, tropical mangoes, and sweet exotic papayas with some cool Ice.

Cuttwood x Cali Bars Tobacco Trail Ice: Tobacco Trail Dis-Bar from Cuttwood E-Liquids captures the wonderful essences of sweet smoking tobacco infused with golden ribbons of clover honey.

Cuttwood x Cali Bars Unicorn Milk Ice: A delicate Iced aroma and succulent flavor of freshly picked wild strawberry blended with the intense dairy flavor of sweet cream, Unicorn Milk strawberry Iced milk flavored dis-bar is a smooth hitting vape filled with the most intoxicating aromas.

Cuttwood x Cali Bars Sugar Drizzle Ice: The distinctive, sweet and spicy taste of cinnamon lends rich warmth to Sugar Drizzle e-liquid by Cuttwood. Blended with a sublime mixture of freshly ground Iced cinnamon sticks, sweet-cream, and sugar this gourmet dis-bar will revive your spirit with each Iced creamy hit.

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